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Interested in working with Edward? These people were. 

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Founder of African Leadership University,

cited by CNN as “Harvard of Africa”

My TED mainstage talk has been viewed by over 1.3 million people around the world, and so I know what it takes to give a great talk. I can honestly say that Edward is among the most engaging and compelling speakers I've ever heard. His ability to connect with his audience is only surpassed by his insight into the mechanics of business. By following the strategies in Marketing BS, I've been able to grow the African Leadership University into the premier education institution on the continent. If you're serious about growing your organization, attend Edward's keynote.


What do industry experts say about Edward?

CEO/CMO, Aurae Lifestyle


Partner, Warburg Pincus PE


“Edward Nevraumont is one of the most effective and dynamic executives I've ever seen. I have been an executive or CEO at five companies now and I have never encountered a marketing executive in the same league as Edward. I have observed him be instrumental in turning companies into market leaders. Edward's gift is his ability to analyze markets, businesses, and consumer behavior with a clarity that borders on prescience. Just as importantly, he knows how to share his insight with teams and audiences in a way that leaves them confident and equipped. I'll make this easy for you: if you have a chance to bring Edward into your company to give a talk, leap at it.” 

“I have invested in dozens of companies and done diligence on hundreds more. And I have never met a marketing executive as strong as Edward. He is able to see through the murkiness that is often found in marketing departments and figure out the real drivers of the business. He dispenses with jargon and communicates the clear and simple things business owners need to know. He makes what he does seem obvious is retrospect, but I've seen it repeated enough times that I know it's not obvious before he gets there. If you have the chance to work with him I have no question that he will create massive value for your business. And if you have the chance to bring him in for a live training, you can expect your marketing department to become much more effective — and focused — because of their time with him.”                                                                                                                                          

Edward is one of the most intelligent person I have come across. It is not learned intelligence, it is natural curiosity. I've been fortunate enough to come across monarchs, national statesmen, billionaires and successful entrepreneurs. Most hide behind pedigree, Edward does not. Instead, he lends his mind to solve problems. A rare person. The man wrote a book on Improv and we all know, the best comedians come from Canada. (Eddie Murphy excluded). Edward is a straight up good dude and this not the normal corporate speak.” 


CEO/Managing Partner, 

Genuine Hospitality Group

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VP, Aging2.0;

Founder, changeagents

Edward was a crowd favorite. He lifted the energy in the room and immediately connected with the audience. It’s not easy to take a delicate subject and link it to both fulfillment of mission and attending to the bottom line. Edward managed to do so while providing strategic insights on consumer trends and behavior.”              


Director, LeadingAge

I love Edward’s content and delivery. He is exciting and informative. I saw the spark of new ideas he generated in attendees. I was so impressed I hired him! He was great to work with and delivered a wonderful keynote. He knows his stuff.                       


GM, Wealthsimple

Edward is awesome. While most speakers share head-nodding affirmations, Edward challenges convention with counterintuitive insights that seem hard to believe at first, but as true as ever by the time he’s finished. And he does it all with exceptional storytelling skill and stand-up humour. He’s simply one of the best speakers I have ever seen.”


Partner, AngelList; co-founder Elevate Toronto; CEO/founder Homesav

“If you can get Edward to headline your event, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. It is one thing to get the audience engaged (which he does!), but it’s another thing to get them focused on the right things. Edward does that. He speaks to even the most cynical audience members and brings them onside to the vision delivering impact without getting bogged down in unnecessary complications. Hire him!” 



Marketing Director,

MaRS Discovery DIstrict



Partner, Maveron VC

“Hugely entertaining, engaging and laugh out loud funny —Edward will steal your show!  He flips conventional thinking on its head in way that will leave your audience running back to their offices to adopt his ideas.  Edward is a must book for your organization!” 

Edward is a rare marketer who is half artist and half scientist — combining unique data-driven insights with deep intuition around brand building. His speeches will leave you energized to run back to the office, take the insights he shared and make impactful changes to things you've done the same way for years. And his talks are always sprinkled with humor and anecdotes that keep you on the edge your seat.”                     

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