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Speaker and executive consultant Edward Nevraumont focuses on one thing ­­— helping great companies grow beyond expectation. Edward has been one of the most consistently successful executives in business, as demonstrated by his notable career achievements.


As Chief Marketing Officer at General Assembly, Edward helped build and prepare the company for a $412.5mm sale to Adecco in 2018.


During his five years at A Place for Mom, Edward steered the company from the brink of collapse to generating more than 30% year-over-year growth over multiple years. A Place for Mom is now the largest senior-living referral service on the planet.


While Vice President at Expedia, Edward created the VIP Hotel program which is now at 4000+ hotels and generating a 22% lift in stays for Expedia’s elite customers. He also created Expedia Rewards (a points-based loyalty program), and Expedia’s first landing pages testing team (which now runs 2000+ tests/year).


Prior to his executive positions, Edward worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company and in account management for Procter & Gamble. A Wharton MBA graduate, Edward honed his global perspectives by working and living on four continents, including a year in Africa.


A voracious reader, Edward draws connections between an eclectic range of fields — as an undergraduate, he earned degrees in both physics and history. Based upon professional insights and personal perspectives, Edward has distilled his philosophies on success into the two following concepts.  


Disciplined Simplicity

Many companies — including huge Fortune 500’s — waste their time experimenting with trendy moves like pixel tracking, black box big data attribution, and automated personalization in the hopes of hitting an easy home run. In reality, almost all of the latest business trends are BS. Edward keeps himself and his teams focused on the few reliable strategies that matter. The end result? The company flourishes without wasted resources, shiny objects, or needless stress.    


Strategic Contrarianism

Mark Twain once said, “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” Edward embodies that philosophy. He’s learned that conformity is often a red herring. What works in marketing when no one else is doing it usually stops working when everyone jumps on board. Edward is known for driving companies that become category leaders by blending tried-and-true strategies with genuine innovation.


What’s the secret to Edward’s consistent success

across a wide array of industries?

Today Edward is one of the most in-demand executive consultants and international speakers on the market. He advises companies across industries, including SMB, SaaS, marketplaces, eCommerce, CPG, non-profit, NGOs, and media conglomerates. His latest book, Marketing BS, will be published in 2019 by Lionscrest.

Edward with Stephen Harper,

Canadian Prime Minister


Edward's presentations  captivate his audiences with dynamic energy and relatable anecdotes —  a result of the  experiences from his personal life  


Performing stand-up comedy on stage at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.


In the middle of the 112-mile bike ride as part of IRONMAN Lake Placid. 


Participating in a 10 km camel race in Maralal, Kenya —

race to the finish! 


Vibrant humor and quick wit

Edward competed in the finals at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, and, as a coach,  led multiple improv comedy teams to the Canadian National Championships.

Goal-setting and self-discipline

Edward completed an IRONMAN race in under 12 hours; also, he once ran 12 marathons in 12 months across 12 states.  

Appreciation for global cultures

Edward has traveled to 55 countries around the globe, including 18 countries with his young children.

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