Edward Nevraumont’s live presentation — “Marketing BS” — equips participants with the ideas and skills they need to master the art and science of modern marketing. Designed to help businesses develop high-growth trajectories, the program is subdivided into three phases that progressively reinforce strategies for effective and rapid implementation.
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Phase 1: Why marketing is BS


Marketing has never been more convoluted and confusing than it is today. This is bad news. The health of your business relies on your ability to separate the signal from the noise.  


To help simplify your business — and your job — “Marketing BS” begins with an overview of which marketing techniques reliably improve sales and which are just a waste of time. For example, the following strategies are four (of many) trends that are largely useless, even though marketers invest huge amounts of time and money into them.


1) Market Research. Though market research seems like a reliable way to hedge your bets, self-reports from consumers are blatantly unreliable and full of desirability bias. A far better approach: decide what you are going to do WITHOUT research, and then define what it would take for you to change your mind.

2) Big Data and Personalization. More often than not, people use data and personalization as an excuse to do mediocre work. Instead, do the best work you possibly can and trust that it will stand on its own feet. Companies find it hard enough to create ONE great product or service, let alone personalizing one great product or service for every single customer.

3) Advertising. While your company needs to advertise, most popular marketing channels are auctions that do little besides create a “winner’s curse” for the buyer. Learn when different channels are the right answer and how to avoid buying media with your ego.

4) Going Viral. Attempting to go viral or spread via “word of mouth” is like attempting to win the lottery. The concept is seductive but an extremely irresponsible use of time and money. Even if — on the rare chance — you DO manage to go viral, there’s no guarantee that doing so will make much of a difference long term.   

Phase 2: Customized marketing recommendations for your organization


Edward is a sought-after advisor for private equity and venture-backed companies. He is many executives’ first call when they want to understand what is slowing their growth and how to fix it. Prior to bringing “Marketing BS” to your organization, Edward will schedule a discovery session with you and your team lead; at this time, he’ll ask targeted questions to help determine which marketing strategies are likely to result in the highest ROI for your company.


During the live “Marketing BS” presentation, Edward will share these customized strategies directly with your organization. To bolster effective deployment of new ideas, Edward will help ensure that strategies are realistic for your specific company and situation. In fact, many organizations are able to begin implementing Edward's suggestions within hours of their training.

Phase 3: Understand how to think about marketing


The secret behind Edward's success rests in how he thinks about problems. During the third phase of “Marketing BS”, Edward will share the mental models that enable your team to make better marketing decisions.


  • Reverse engineer success by creating a clear roadmap for your company

  • Avoid the shiny object syndrome by focusing on what matters

  • Escape the tension of perpetually reacting to crises by developing effective systems and processes

  • Eliminate the elements of your business strategy that don’t further your goals, while doubling down on those that do

  • Many other concepts that emphasize your organization’s context


By highlighting the meta-principles behind marketing and market analysis, Edward empowers your team with the ability to combine big-picture ideas with fine-tooth techniques.

How “Marketing BS” will change your company


Instead of leaving your marketing team feeling overwhelmed, you can expect a leaner, smarter, and more lethal marketing department. 

At the end of “Marketing BS”, your team will know how to stay focused on the activities and strategies that spark REAL organizational success, like profitable growth for companies or greater impact for non-profits. More importantly, your team will know exactly how to execute ideas with skill and efficiency. 

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