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Marketing BS: The Event

Marketing BS: The Event

I’m very excited to announce the launch of “Marketing BS: The Event.”

During the once-a-month sessions, I will take the stage to share a 20-minute presentation about marketing strategies. As an added bonus, each evening will feature a conversation with a star from the corporate world. Plus, we ensure time for everyone to connect and network in the charming ambiance of the Coterie Worklounge.

Here is the schedule for 2019:

April 10: Anita Natarajan, GM of airports for Uber

May 8: Nick White, CMO, WealthSimple

June 12: Liz Pierce, CEO, FreshChalk

July 10: Jason Stoffer, partner, Maveron

August 14: Noah Tannen, founder/CEO, Rupert

September 11: Mark Britton, Founder/former CEO, Avvo

October 9: Will Daugherty, CEO, Pacific Science Center

November 13: Joe Heitzeberg, co-founder/CEO CrowdCow

Events run from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Coterie Worklounge (1414 4th Ave, Seattle)

Check out more information on General Assembly’s event page and the Seattle Marketing Meetup Group.

In my earlier days, I used to perform stand-up comedy. In that world, comedians test out new jokes at “open mic” events. They tweak the timing and punchlines, selecting their best material to use when they headline longer shows.

In a similar process, I’m excited to test out some of my ideas at these events before I deliver keynote addresses and other speaking engagements. I know people say they welcome feedback, but I really, really love engaging with people in the audience — we’re all richer for those exchanges during and after a presentation.

If you’re in Seattle, I hope you’re able to join us one night — or many!

Keep it simple, Edward


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