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There are lots of people who will tell you how you can hustle and make money as a freelancer (most of those people make their money selling to people who want to make money as freelancers).

There is less advice on how to accelerate an already promising career. How do you move from making $100,000/year to making $1 million+/year? It's not easy, but there IS a path. But most people on that path have neither the time nor the incentive to share how it is done.

This is my attempt to make that process more transparent. The document is focused primarily on marketers, but it could work for many business executives. What topics do I discuss? Check out the Table of Contents below. 


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1. My journey

2. Why did I write this?

  • Why a good career guide does not yet exist (until now)

  • Opportunity cost

  • Three types of career guides and incentive problem

3. Which job do you want?

  • Vices and Virtues

  • The problem with “Purpose” (or “Ikigai”)

  • Why Money Matters

  • Money as a signal of responsibility and opportunity

  • Compounding effect of money on your NEXT job

  • How money gives you flexibility and leverage

  • Co-branding yourself

  • Why co-branding your career is better than “Personal Branding”

  • How to co-brand your career and “partner with the best”

  • Breadth not depth

  • Marketing Standards Board

  • Why all jobs become the same job

  • Power of excess capacity

4. When to switch jobs?

  • Tw0-year rule

  • Be opportunistic and have patience

  • Working with recruiters

  • Two types of recruiters

  • ALWAYS respond

  • Be helpful

5. Getting the job

  • Deserve the job

  • Solve the problem

  • Do the important work

  • Be a monopoly

  • Earn the job

  • Build the plan

  • You are not a consultant

  • How interviews work

6. Negotiating the offer

  • The hardest part for a reason

  • Know what you are worth

  • What if you don’t have a job?

  • The change risk premium

  • Rejecting offers

  • Counter offer

  • Negotiating equity

7. Summary

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