Thankfully, there are some easy solutions.

Speaker and  executive consultant Edward Nevraumont shares proven strategies in his latest book:


How you've been misled by gurus, academics and vendors (and the deceptively simple truth)

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Companies want the latest deep learning algorithms, but they aren’t answering the phone when new customers call. Executives are messing up the basics while being distracted by shiny objects like big data and AI.


We are stretching for tree tops while the low-hanging fruit goes unpicked. Even worse—the ground is littered with fruit that needs to be harvested before it rots.


Not all marketing is easy, but a lot of it is. Instead of focusing on the simple stuff, we’ve been transfixed by the ideas of vendors, gurus, and academics, who are motivated to spend your money, increase their personal prestige, or add needless complexity.


Don’t get distracted. In MARKETING BS, Edward Nevraumont exposes the propaganda being pushed by the marketing-industrial complex. Backed by compelling evidence, Edward explains why you are wasting your time with personalization, segmentation, loyalty programs, fancy commercials, and blind adherence to “data-driven marketing.” Then he shares what DOES work with shockingly simple logic. MARKETING BS is your invitation to stop marketing with your ego and start marketing for effectiveness.

MARKETING BS hits bookshelves and e-readers in 2019, published by Lioncrest. 

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Chief Client Experience Officer, Sun Life Financial


“Edward managed to pack over a decade of marketing experience, a critical view of the corporate world, a provocative spirit, and a healthy dose of wit in this book.

A great read for anyone who’s ever had to think about the customer — a must read for experienced and aspiring marketers.”

“I taught Edward a lot of marketing methods/concepts when he was my student — which included plenty of BS as well as some easy stuff. But it’s a whole different set of skills to collect it all together, identify some excellent new examples, and lay it out in such a clear and compelling manner. I pride myself on being a good professor of marketing, but Edward has taught me a thing or two about my own profession — and these are valuable lessons that I plan to convey to my current and future students.”

“Edwards’s ideas and wisdom will stick with you long after you’ve put the book down. He cuts through the mysticism and farce that surrounds modern marketing to zero in on what actually works for your business. Plus the guy is just fun to read. Do yourself a favor and buy this book.”

Frances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor of Marketing, Wharton and co-author of The Customer Centricity Playbook: Implement a Winning Strategy Driven by CLV



Chief Client Experience Officer, Sun Life Financial